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All our shoots are hot, He is, however, wearing the Interymen Fill-it jock which as of the posting of this gallery we do still have in stock. Gay porn, gay sex pics and videos Two hot jocks having sex. Hot jock Adrian shows his cock. Allen Posing naked. Gay muscle porn site. Hot muscle studs, young muscle jocks and hairy muscle hunks.


Hot jock gallery
Hot jocks love to get their tight asses pounded by handsome hunks. We try to find the best hot jock galleries that are available from all over the internet. Porn studio listing with all videos and photo galleries uploaded by UK Hot Jocks. Gay Pics Daily - The best free gay porn pictures collection updated daily with naked men posing & fucking each others tight asses.
Hot jock gallery
Hot jock gallery Hot jock gallery
Hot jock gallery Hot jock gallery
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Hot jock gallery

Only a few make it to the product pages as we only choose the ones that show off the products best. This is a collection of galleries of photos from our shoots consisting of extra artistic shots we've done, behind the scene and candid shots and just some fun sexy shots we love.

Treat this gallery as an archive of our past photography as most of the products featured in the older galleries have been long discountinued. Simon MMA Fighter so don't piss him off. Maskulo is all about masculinity to the Nth degree so we knew what sort of model we needed to model the new Maskulo Leggings we had arriving. We scoured the Internet and found him - meet Simon - he's a professional MMA fighter and fitness instructor, hence that killer body and authentic swagger. Seriously, a dream model.

One with no inhibitions, a killer look and physique and a rare ability to know how his body works and the shapes is capable of.

Needless to say, we booked him for a second shoot as soon as the first ended. We don't normally give a new model a bonus gallery but the fact is we only have room for 9 photos on each product page and there were so many incredible photos that it would have been a crime not to share them. Be warned, there are lots of Full Frontal shots. He's wearing our new revamped Maskulo Open Back Leggings now with detachable cod piece for some full-frontal fun!

Bradley dirty boy geek with an exhibitionist streak! Our latest model Bradley ticks all my boxes, not only is he's a handsome geek with a lifetime of tattoos but he's Irish and as much as I like guys of every nationality, that accent drives me crazy. Working as an Internet designer and marketing guru and moonlighting as a stripper simply because it's fun.

What's not to like? Caleb King in your face and uncensored. When you're as large as Caleb King you deserve a big gallery but be warned, Caleb King is a porn star and a total exhibitionist so these are some of the most explicit photos we've done.

Caleb also has no inhibitions and is always willing to try something different; because of this we ended up with LOTS of bonus shots that didn't make it onto the webiste, but many of them are now in this gallery. As for the gear in the photos, The Sukrew gear is currently discontinued.

Although discontinued, some of our exclusive Raw Studio Military Jockstrap Collection is still available and on sale. Also, the Magic Silk Jockstraps are still available. Trent in JC Athletic Jockstraps our very own sports jockstraps. Launching our own line of sports jockstraps was a big deal so who better to call upon than fitness guru, fan favorite and stunningly handsome model Trent to help launch our new collection.

Be sure to check out Trent's earliest gallery , those photos were taken over six years ago and you can really tell how hard Trent has worked on his body.

He has gotten HUGE with muscle - guess that's what happens when you make fitness and your body your career. The Cellblock 13 X-treme Hybrid Collection of jockstraps, jock briefs, fetish shorts and harnesses was one of our largest and hottest product launches in our 12 years of business. It's a XXX collection full of exposing features but the best part is each item comes with a Silicone body hugging Jock Armour flexible cock ring.

The pouches of the X-treme gear snap off for full-frontal exposure, the back of the short has a zipper and the harness can either be worn on it's own secured by the Jock Armour cock ring wrapped around your dick or using the swivel clips, you can attach it to the waistband rings of the jock, jock brief or short. With a line this outrageous it only made sense to bring in our two totally out there exhibitionist models Ryan Russell and Caleb King to show it all off.

These photo shoots will go down in Jockstrap Central history as not only the most fun, but the most sexually charged we've ever done - all because of Draven's awesome attitude and the exhibitionist that runs through every inch of that tight latino body. In fact, even when we took a break from shooting, he'd hang out on the couch checking his phone and stroking his hard-on the whole time - how is anyone supposed to work under those conditions? Be warned, If a whole lot of nudity, a bit of full-on ass-in-the-air and a few rude gestures turn you off, then run screaming, otherwise grab a cum rag and click on into the gallery Although the Activeman Underwear is still available, the Joe Snyder strings, Timoteo shorts and Pistol Pete Jocks are discontinued and although we shot the skimpy Look Me jocks, we never brought them in.

Scott almost forgotten photos. Digging through our archives, we found these mostly unreleased photos of Scott, one of my all-time favorite models. It was all a bit of bad luck. We got what we thought was an interesting new line of skimpy jocks for Scott to model - perfect because his body and look always reminded me of physique models from the forties and fifties and the Look-me gear reminded us of the posing pouches from that era.

While doing the shoot, we decided that the products weren't very well made and made the decision to not bring them in, so with the exception of some of the Joe Snyder Body photos now discontinued , the remaining photos never got published With such a hot guy wearing such revealing gear, it would have been a shame to keep these photos all to ourselves.

Scott is a martial artist, gymnast and does parkour. One of favorite new jockstrap designers is by far PUMP! We love these new jocks so much that we felt they deserved a gallery. Micro-mesh Jockstraps for a spin. Adam Stray boy next door exposed. Our favorite boy-next-door model and resident exhibitionist is back in one huge new gallery of photos.

Just be warned, he's modeling a lot of the Male Power Extreme Collection so there's a whole lot of full frontal nudity. Even with the Nasty Pig shorts, his dick pokes out for a breather - I'm sure no one will be complaining.

Jack down and dirty. You don't know Jack but after looking at his gallery it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he's a total exhibitionist, in fact it was hard pun intended for Jack to keep it in his pants. Needless to say, much of this gallery is not safe for work! Don't go looking for most of the products in the photos, they're from some time ago and most have been discontinued and some, we never ended up bringing in due to quality issues. Treat these galleries are an archive of past and present models and products we've carried over the past 10 years.

Trevor hot in a rough around the edges sort of way. Trevor's the sort of guy who you may not want to meet in a dark alley at night, but then again, you may want to. Don't be fooled by all those tattoos though, he's really a pretty cool guy. When we met him, he had just got back from a meditation retreat where he wasn't allowed to speak for a full week - that's talent. His other talent is; he's a go go dancer at a local club. Of course now he can also list jockstrap model to his talent list.

Patrick ruggedly handsome, hirsute and hot. When we first saw Patrick at a local charity fund raising event, our jaws dropped. This solid mass of muscle and fur was riding a stationary bike in nothing but a jockstrap getting it hot and sweaty to auction off to raise money for the charity. Being the sponsor of the event, we couldn't bid on the jockstrap so we did the next best thing - we approached him to be our next model.

Patrick's a chef by day and a model by night and if his cooking is anywhere as good as the way he looks in his jockstrap coming your way next week then his culinary creations are simply divine! This gallery consists of Patrick in some of our edgier gear: Nasty Pig and Cellblock As of the launch of this gallery, most of it is still available for purchase.

Just look up Nasty Pig and Cellblock Adam Stray ppu xxxposure jocks and xxx strapped. All our shoots are hot, but this one ranks up there as one of the best - just be warned, these garments are all about full frontal exposure, and we weren't the only ones getting excited at the photo shoot - Adam seemed to be having a lot of fun too!

Ryan Russell outgoing and outrageous. There isn't a shy bone in his body so it just made sense to get in some of the more revealing things we had hanging around. We also took the liberty of doing a lot of bonus shots where he's not exactly always wearing the stuff we threw at him.

The other great thing about Ryan is his outlook on life. There's always a smile on his face - often rare in the modeling world. Fashion doesn't have to be so serious! Ryan is wearing the now discontinued Manzone line of underwear, the now discountinued Good Devil Net Jock, the now discontinued Gregg Homme Commando Jock and the Gregg Homme Joxx which for various reasons we decided not to carry. He is, however, wearing the Interymen Fill-it jock which as of the posting of this gallery we do still have in stock.

Feer fearless and sexy. We met this totally hot Venezuelan guy at a Best Ass Contest we sponsored at a local bar. When you look at Feer's bum, you'll know why he won. Although he's the total package and emphasis on the word package , he's got an ass that was just made to model a jockstrap.

Luckily for us, he also wasn't shy, so he was also perfect for modeling the totally erotic Gregg Homme forbidden gear. Just be warned, this gallery is definitely Not Safe For Work. Like we mentioned, he's modeling the now discontinued Gregg Homme Forbidden Jock, Brief and Trunk, plus the Activeman Cotton Contour Jock, both the 3 inch and reglular Brown Activeman Jockstraps, the now discontinued Joe Snyder Spider Jockstraps and the Joe Snyder Man Up that's supposed to lift you up and push you out, but Feer has such a large heavy set that it really isn't doing it's job that well.

Still pretty damn hot as a display suit. Adam Stray self-proclaimed dirty boy. Adam is our favorite dirty boy next door and he certainly proved it during his first shoot modeling a slew of mesh jocks plus the outrageous Joe Snyder Out Front jockstrap with his dick in various states of arousal. Check back soon for Adams second gallery - shot a full year after this one. Trent strike a pose. Although Trent hadn't done a lot of modeling before, he certainly found his calling.

With most models, finding 30 gallery shots is tough but with Trent, I ended up with gallery worthy shots which I managed to whittle down to For obvious reasons, I won't name the bar, but Trent works as a Bartender in Toronto and won the bar's hottest guy contest for Trent is modeling the high styling L.

Sheahan worldly and wise. Born in India, lived in Dubai, but luckily for us this street jazz dancer has landed in Toronto - and it's about that body! Even more impressive is that he's almost 40!! Sheahan is not only unbelievably sexy, but using his experience as a performer he came alive for the camera and as a result, he was a dream to work with.

There were so many great shots that I couldn't whittle them down to 30 so enjoy all Sheahan is modeling everything from our very own ribbed tank tops, crazy fashion meets erotica Gregg Homme jockstraps, Omtex jockstrap and some skimpy and sexy Joe Snyder jocks.

Hot jock gallery
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